Ohr Torah Stone - Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
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Torah Lights: Sefer Vayikra
Torah Lights: Sefer Vayikra
Torah Lights
Volume III: Vayikra, Sacrifice, Sanctity & Silence

By: Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

For Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Torah is at once the oldest and the most contemporary document directing human lives. In this highly acclaimed, five-volume parashat hashavua series, Rabbi Riskin helps each reader extract deeply personal, contemporary lessons from the traditional biblical biblical accounts. As Rabbi Riskin writes in the introduction to Torah Lights, the struggle with Torah reflects the struggle with life itself. The ability of the Torah to speak to every generation and every individual at the same time is the greatest testimony to its divinity.

To order this book or other Rabbi Riskin publications visit http://www.korenpub.com/EN/author/Riskin/18

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